Charity Work

Syed is currently supporting the following charities and kindly welcomes your support and donations:


Macmillan Cancer Support

What MACMILLAN does?

No one should face cancer alone. Right from the moment you’re diagnosed, through your treatment and beyond, we’re a constant source of support, giving you the energy and inspiration to help you take back control of your life, and feel more like yourself again.

Macmillan’s own evidence has revealed the story of cancer is changing. In 2010 there were two million people living with cancer a diagnosis in the UK. In 2015 this number reached 2.5 million, and the figure is expected to reach four million by 2013. The evidence that we produce helps us, and others, understand the needs, numbers and experiences of people affected by cancer.

There are now 2.5 million people in the UK living with cancer. By 2030, it will be 4 million people, and we want to be there for them all. One in three of us will get cancer, and it will be one of the toughest things we’ll ever have to face. Our goal is to make sure no one faces cancer alone. We provide medical, emotional, practical and financial support, as well as campaigning for better cancer care. And because cancer affects more than just those facing it, we’re there for friends and family too. We are Macmillan.

Please donate generously and lets make this ambition a reality by clicking Macmillan’s website:

The IODR (Indian Ocean Disaster Relief)


IODR was founded following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami; initially to protect and sustain lives directly im- pacted by this disaster, to rehabilitate the community, especially vulnerable children whose lives had been irretrievably changed; to support them through education in its broadest sense and to build local capacity to and create sustainable futures.

IODR has similarly intervened successfully in the Philippines, Haiti, Pakistan, India and Kenya following natural disasters, providing both emergency relief and building futures for those an ected.
Their mission is to measurably improve the well-being of children following natural and other disasters, so please visit their website and go for it. The children need your support.

Restless Beings

Restless Beings is an international human rights organization working with some of the most marginalized communities in the world. The SAVORTEX team have been dedicated supporters of Restless Beings for a number of years and CEO of SAVORTEX, Syed Ahmed has since inception been a source of ongoing encouragement and support for the organization. The amazing charity is now looking to hit its target of £40,000 in 2016 to ensure that they can continue support both the Rohingya and Bride Abduction and would encourage any support possible.

Please support this much-needed cause here:

IQra International


IQra International is making a difference by helping the most poorest and vulnerable disabled people around the world by providing medical assistance to those who are not otherwise able to afford it and wheelchairs to those physically unable to walk. To date, thousands of people have benefitted from the support and care that is provided on a regular basis.

We are delighted to support the iQra Disabled Children’s Hospital in Sylhet, which has been operational since September 2014.

The charity is now able to offer service to disabled children as well as adults, 6 days a week and free of charge to those who are unable to afford the treatment. The building has full Accessibility features and is designed to be a comprehensive centre in order to cater for the various needs of disabled people.

With your generous support the charity can make leaps forward with its excellent work. Please donate here:

Human Appeal and the on-going humanitarian aid being delivered to the innocent children and civilians of Aleppo, Syria


So what support is getting through and how can you help?

Human Appeal has two field offices, as well as warehouses, strategically located inside Syria. Along with our partners, including WFP (World Food Programme) and UNOCHA, we’ve been able to provide desperate Syrian families with continuous aid, including:
• 16,500 food parcels for IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in Northern Idlib, monthly
• 1,000 tons of flour monthly, ensuring fresh, daily bread for 208,000 families in Idlib and Aleppo
• Safe, clean water for 15,000 people in Western Aleppo, daily
• Vital healthcare for women and children via our field hospitals
• New temporary camp and NFIs (Non Food Items, such as hygiene kits) with 500 tents in Northern new arrivals fleeing
We urge you to donate generously so that the children and civilians of Syria can be fed, closed, looked after and a warm shelter provided for the escalating injustice:

Children Plus

In addition Syed actively supports charities and has been a passionate ambassador for raising money for several charities such as Children Plus and Water Aid. He has also worked tirelessly with Breakthrough Breast Cancer helping them to promote the research and work they do in trying to fight the disease. Amelia Nowikow from the charity said Syed’s involvement “has brought a positive and uplifting influence to the organisation”.

Syed Ahmed was invited to speak at one of the charities recent fundraising dinners. Syed is seeking additional donations to help reach the target of £15,000 which is the amount needed to build one of many, much needed schools in Bangladesh.

Further information on ChildrenPlus can be found on their YouTube channel here.

Water Aid


Sanitation and safe drinking water are critical elements for a healthy life and sponsorship raised will support WaterAid’s projects in Bangladesh.

With 783 million people in the world not having access to safe water and 2.5 billion people in the world not having suitable sanitation, Syed felt honored to be part of such an amazing challenge.


The Six Peaks Challenge is a sponsored mountain walk held annually to raise money for the international charity WaterAid. It is one of the toughest mountain challenges in Great Britain and Ireland.

Syed and a team of managers from the Utilities Industry took on a tough challenge to raise money for this cause. They walked 50 miles, climbed 20,000 feet, drove thousands of miles and two sea-crossings all within 72 hours – and raised £10,000 for this worthy cause – definitely not one for the faint-hearted!

Just £15 can enable one person to access safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation, if you are interested in aiding Water Aid’s great work in Bangladesh, please visit their website by clicking here.