Minority Report 


Introducing Minority Report, A Celebrity-led Interview Style TV Documantary 

In a world where levels of tension and misunderstanding amongst diverse groups have reached crisis levels, it’s time for love to step in and change it all.


Born out of a passion to encourage the next generation of ethnic minority success stories, Syed is on a mission to tackle issues around diversity and marginalisation, prejudice and hatred.  The narrative is to harness the power of celebrity engagement through interview documentaries to allow the public to recognise and appreciate the power of the next generation. 


Minority Report, a new documentary series that engages with high profile ethnic minority celebrities and shares the story of their success and their contribution to society with the aim to inspire the next generation.


As a British-Bangladesh TV Personality, Syed believes “anything is possible” with hard work and having a clear strategy at the heart of everything you do.  His positive approach is one that defines his brand and his focus has never deviated from inspiring the future generations to stay true to their ideals and continue their positive and successful path in life.


As presenter of Minority Report, Syed uses his skill and charisma to bring out the success stories of celebrities who, like him may have started without the “golden spoon” but with hard work, dedication and principles he proves you can achieve anything. This is the inspiration the next generation are looking for and Syed will bring this to their minds in a way that is memorable, fun and engaging.



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                       Public Speaker

Syed is also a charismatic Public speaker, talented in distilling and communicating messages with passion. An entertaining and enthusiastic presenter on the subject of life stories, technology, experiences, business start-ups and fundraising.

Nitin Shukla, CEO, Asian Business Connections said: 
"Syed’s performance was flawless. 
He really connected with our audience and has been a complete pleasure to work with.”

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